Sunday, December 12, 2010

Follow Rule #1 for a life of success

"I won, Granny, I won.  Now I'm the top dog at school.  Everybody thinks I'm special and I can have anything I want now," and I tells little Mark winning isn't everything, but loving your brother is.
Janghir's dream - wikimedia commons- brothers who are different but care about each other

Mark is all happy because he got a brand new art kit and painted a picture and everyone thinks it's wonderful at school and he done won a prize in Cloutierville.  But he was braggin' for weeks now and can't settle down.  When Elmer showed him how to sharpen his pencils to make his lines sharper, he told his Grandpa he knew what he was doing all right and he was doin' the best.

"I'm doing real good, I don't need my Grandpa to help me when everybody says I'm so great.  I'm the tops in art at my school, you know, doing it my way, that works."  Mark keeps talkin' bout himself like that and chatters so much about it, he is forgettin' what's really important.

"Mark, Granny loves you and thinks you are talented too, but let's talk bout what's really important and what makes a person do good and stay good as well." I tells him, cause he's very young and a good little boy, but I wants him to know Rule #1.

"When you think just bout you just winnin' and not thinkin' bout others folks too and givin' credit for where you get talent, you missin' what you need to know.  Because somebody said once that bein' too proud can bring a good feller down."

"There's this big rule you need to follow to always be lookin' front and movin' ahead.  Give thanks to the man upstairs, what he gave you and thanks to your brothers as well.  For without the love for your brothers, your sisters, the people round you wherever you go and the love of what's really important' you won't always be at the top.  Because bein' the top means able to be at the bottom as well, and losin', cause that's where we sometimes learn most.  And it's being able to be happy for others when they win what you want the most.  Lovin' means doin' that is important even when it seems hard at the time."

Now my Mark, he's just eleven, that wonderful child; and he looks at me with those big eyes, just thinkin', "I think I'll go down the street and see Paul and teach him to draw just like me.  Cause Paul he's five and I think I can teach him to win the first prize when he's little, then I can be happy for him and help him bout what I just learned."

And I smile cause Mark he done learned right away why Rule #1 really works for each person when you learn how to pass it along.

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  1. Humility is always something I have to remind myself of everyday. It is so easy to lose humility to ego. Thank you Granny for this wise reminder.