Thursday, December 9, 2010

Donald Trump trumped in Cloutierville

"Hey Granny  I was hoping to get you on the phone.  I will be down there to Louisiana in January and looking for property for a big resort and gambling casino and people told me you were the one I should contact first because we can make a lot of money there," and I tells that Trump feller why this town ain't for sale.
Donald Trump - 2009 - Wikimedia commons

"Donald, I know you want it all, but sometimes you just shouldn't have it.  That's what lots of folks want these days, to have it all or want it all, and I guess that's how some people were brought up.  But around here we worked hard for our homes and our money and I think lots of people here already believe they have it all, just because they live in the best town in the world.

Now Donald, he listens and says, "Someone told me I could have it all if I went to Cloutierville, and I thought that meant buying some property and building another Trump Tower or resort" and I tells him, "We got all the best that we need in this town.  You see, you think you got it all and want more.  Like I said, that's what I hear about how people in other places live.  When you get old, like Granny, you'll learn what that means,or you can come here and find out yourself about good neighbors and friends and the love of the common people.

 So come on down and just be like family, cause you'll never have more of it all than right here.

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