Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doctors and diabetes and Myrtle's sugar pills

"I don't trust them doctors," Myrtle tells me, so she says she's just going to watch what she eats a little bit and cut down on the food she eats at Christmas cause she says doctors don't know everything.
Insulin for diabetes that many have to take - wikimedia commons
Myrtle ha diabetes  Granny worries bout her, cause she has friends who hurt or even died when they didn't take care and didn't know much bout it.

"Doctors don't know everything," I agreed with Myrtle on the phone, cause there's no sense arguing when someone has their minds made up. "But they know something with all that schoolin', I think.  Now, they make mistakes too, I knows that; but I think sometimes we just gotta trust a bit, til we find out what's goin' on."

"Well, Granny, I got this pill some vitamin feller gave me who went to a class and said if you take it, it will help cure your diabetes and lots of other things too."  Myrtle sounded happy bout that, but I worry cause that's not enough.  "This feller he says you don't have to listen to doctors so much, just trust your body will heal."

Now Granny don't know everything either, but one thing she knows for sure, and that's a weekend of learning bout a pill someone made for diabetes that nobody knows bout much except those who done made it might be somethin' I'd worry bout, but even that's not the biggest worry after all.   There are things that just need checkin' out right away, and that's how we take care of ourselves, and that's how this Granny lives long and wants Myrtle to live long as well, cause listenin' to our bodies can help us, but listenin' to doctors can too.  Cause that's one of the reasons people live a long time in Cloutierville.

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