Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bill Clinton tells Granny he’d rather eat pecan pie than talk about taxes

I hear this rattling around in the kitchen and fridge door openin’, so I go and check, and there’s Bill gettin’ pecan pie on the sly with Hillary nowhere around, and I shakes my head cause  at least it’s only pie he’s been sneakin’
Former President Bill Clinton - visiting folks in 2004 --wikimedia commons
“Granny, I just stopped by, going through Cloutierville, and found the door open, and you know I love your pie,” that boy Clinton said with a grin.  God love that grin; he melts a girl’s heart right there, even an old lady like Granny.  It’s that grin that gets him notice and gets him in trouble too, but right now he’s fixin’ on havin’ that pie straight away, and I wonder just what’s goin’ on.

“You down here in Cloutierville for somethin, Bill,” I said as he got a big scoop of some ice cream from the freezer to put on the top of that pie.  “Now what you been up to these days?”

“Well, I’ve been watching my waistline, “ he says,  "All I been eating these days are beans, fruits and vegetables.  And just when I thought people had stopped talking about my other affairs, now they're all talking about my diet. 

But that’s not all, Granny, you’re just so smart.  I’m watchin’ out for my people here too, me being part black and all..  That tax bill, well I didn’t like it; but I just didn’t get any choice, me wanting to do the right thing and all.  I figured I’d better get out of Washington fast, though, if I wanted to have any Christmas at all because I sure don’t want to do the rest of the business in Washington these days, especially those taxes..  It sure is a mess that those fellers done left when they wanted me out all the time. 

I’d just soon forget it and eat.”

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