Thursday, December 23, 2010

Betty Ford sends Lindsay Lohan to Cloutierville for rehab

"I just can't do it anymore," Betty told me, and I think if that lady is tearin' her hair, it's gonna take a good bit to settle Lindsay Lohan, and that's why Granny has that old woodshed.
Lindsay Lohan may be going to Cloutierville for rehabilitation
So I says to Ms. Ford, that some of you might call Ms. Betty, some might not know what to say, her once married to the President and all, and Granny just calls her sweet Betty, "We're busy down here in Cloutierville, but we always got room at our table for one of your folks, sure enough.  But that girl's gotta mind cause that wood shed's just waitin' on her if she gets out of hand in our town."

 I know my sweet Betty remembers that woodshed and what it means to the folks here.  "That woodshed don't mean beatin' our babies.   But they sure learn that daddy knows best..  It's the best rehab ways that we have, along with our cupcakes and all."

"You better watch out Granny, that child can be wild, and can fight when she's mad," Betty says. But this old heart don't worry bout none of that.  Cause the love and the hope in Cloutierville, and that woodshed, can make anyone want to behave.

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