Saturday, December 18, 2010

Annie Oakley of Cloutierville takes aim at Sarah Palin

Annie from Cloutierville (Annie Oakley - wikimedia commons)
"No, Sarah, you can't be Annie, cause there's only one gal like her and besides she not only can shoot straight, she thinks even straighter cause she got her sharp shooter training from us."

,Annie Oakley  we calls her, like that gal long ago, but our Annie's even better than her and you too.  Her Cloutierville training is much better than Alaska can do.

This Granny tells Palin that our Annie's sure got her beat, with a rifle and everything else.  Now Sarah Palin she's shown lots of times aiming her rifle at some animal somewhere.  But our Annie doesn't have to flaunt her favorite things.  She uses them instead to get our food in winter and is careful to keep it close and locked away so children don't get foolin' with it, like happens too these days.

Our gal is tough,  not just pretend to be. When my Annie takes aim, she hits right at the target, bags it and brings it on home.  We eat for months on that meat.  She doesn't make pictures or flaunt what she does, cause everyone knows she is good.

But I wanted the folks to know Annie, right here, cause that girl can lead, that's for sure, much better than Palin for sure.  Cause Annie's not only the sexiest gal in Cloutierville, she means what she says, does it all by herself, and doesn't gossip like other folks do.   Our Annie knows America too very well and can name the founding fathers just like the rest of us do.

But Palin ain't listenin' while I talk on this phone, and it's listenin' I say how we learn.  Cause my Annie she done learned so many things here, that we wants other people to know and maybe we'll run her for President too cause that Sarah just can't catch our gal who can not only run but think just as fast.

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