Friday, November 26, 2010

Tricky Wikileaks create chaos in Cloutierville

"John, Granny saw what you did; and you better take that sign down from out there cause you puttin' up those tricky Wikileaks on it can sure make trouble for Cloutierville and the sheriff he don't like it."
Sheriff of Cloutierville gets mad when there are tricky leaks
"But Granny, I got freedom to say what I want.  That means no one can stop me, that's what some folks say, so people in town just gotta get used to it cause I'm not gonna stop since I got the right to do it whenever."

"Now John, you know some of our folks have been plannin' to get Governor Bobby Jindal here for our Mardi Gras parade next year.  But now you done tell everyone all the details when the Governor don't even know he can come.

Even worse, you put down on that board out there for everyone to see all the streets in Cloutierville for the parade, where everybody sets up their floats, so other folks can come along and try to get in line before everyone else.  That can make people confused cause some of them will wander onto Rena instead and people won't get to the parade on time.  What's worse they might go to Melrose, and Lord knows what might happen then.  If those folks have the plans for our parade next year, they'll try to make one of their own, so we won't have any visitors here just when we need them the most."

Well John, he starts thinkin' and I can see he's worried bout what he has done now, and I tells him just what all this means.  I also tell him he don't want to be like his brother Julian in Australia whose making all kinds of trouble for people doin' the same thing, only bigger.

"It's true, John, rights are important and they're all very good but they're also for everyone else.  And some people lie and they cheat and they steal, so we gotta be careful at times.  It means we have to think not just bout ourselves but others as well, cause we don't want to cause them no hurt."

I raised you up, boy, so you would know better.  Now do what this old Granny says."  Then I watches my grandchild run right out the door, down the street where he pulls up the sign.   I smile and I wave since I know how he'll help with the parade plans for Cloutierville and undo some of the trouble he caused.

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