Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sex is for old people too, says Granny

"Granny, I need to talk with you about something personal, like do you and Grandpa still have sex," and I got to smile cause I can tell that child doesn't know about old people who have fun like other folks..
GalinKorb painting of love, Kristan of Hamle

"Ellen Marie, now you gettin' old enough to talk bout things, so spit it all out, girl, and tell me what's worryin' you now." She looks down so I can't see her eyes, real nervous like, talkin' to a Granny bout somethin' personal that's just as natural as can be.  Sixteen years old she is and all filled out like she's almost grown and dreamin' bout those boys.

"I just don't know but mama says, well sex is having babies, but I don't see you and Grandpa making any so I wondered about old people and if they just stop doing it."Little Ellen Marie, she is just twistin' her little hands in her lap, with her head down and fidgety, like she wants to leave or stay and can't figure what to do next.

"Sex, you want to talk about," I says, and I see her little shoulders straighten and her eyes look big and wide.  "Let's just talk plain.  You sit on down, child, cause now is the time it's a thing you need to know."

So I tells her, "Some boys and girls get babies startin' early, and that often doesn't work.  They think  sex is fun.,, and it sure is, but they don't know it's really more than that.  It really gets fun when you're old when you have the lovin' and those good memories.  Now all of that sex is special and a gift that's given to us, but it's also something hard to handle when you get a baby early and have so much work to do.  That's when folks get all tense and mad, and it spoils those memories.  Cause some young 'uns they ain't careful, so you gotta be old enough to know what love is all about and that you can have a life of it, if your heart is really open, and you care for yourself too.

Now Ellen Marie she's got her head up and lookin' straight at me, so I says, "Grandpa and me we love each other and we have lovin' anytime we like, cause when you old there ain't no babies and no worries about time here in Cloutierville.  And that lovin' part, well it is many things and better all the time, especially when the years grow long, and you know each other well."

Ellen Marie she stands up real proud and says before she leaves, "You know Granny you made me think about growing up and getting old doesn't make me worry so much, cause I thought before I'd better hurry up since I didn't know old people could love like other folks.   But now I know you and Grandpa do, and that it makes you like you are, I don't need to be in a rush to do everything right now."

"Yes, now you get goin', " I says,  "cause my Elmer's comin' back from fishin' and he likes his cuddle time with Granny.  Because, my girl, love is really endless in all the ways it comes, and a man you love he just fills you up in many, many ways, when you know how all that can work.  If the angels take him from you, or he leaves to somewhere else, there's those good memories left that never goes away. " And I see my Ellen Marie grin as she's walkin' out the door, knowin' there's plenty of time for lovin' all your life, even when you're old, and I gives that child a wink.

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