Thursday, November 18, 2010

Royal family considers a honeymoon in Cloutierville, Louisiana

"Yes, Prince Charles, I heard the news, I can tell you're really happy and they're such a nice-lookin pair of folks I hope you tell them to come to Cloutierville like we planned for their honeymoon next year, cause where else would a couple like William and Kate want to spend one of the best times of their lives."
Historic house in Cloutierville and hospital for confederate soldiers during the Civil War
Now Charlie--I calls him that cause he and me we got this way of speakin' when we're talkin' family things.  And he don't say much most times, but now he says to me on the phone, "Now Granny going to America is hard, you know, the Royal Family budget is getting tight.  Our allowance has been cut because everyone's going broke around here in Great Britain.  But someone told me my country  wants a really fine wedding, something they could feel good about.  Still we got to watch those pennies.  So maybe a trip to Cloutierville for their honeymoon would be a right good plan so my William and his Kate could rest and relax and have fun, since all I hear is Cloutierville is the best place anyone can travel to on earth when they're in love, like you and Elmer."

"Here's what I'm thinkin', Charlie," and I can tell he's gettin' real excited on the phone, "I'll talk to Elmer, and we'll plan a reception at the hall down the road at the church,  just so they can say they done it up in a really fine place with all the trimmin's.  We'll serve them the best cornbread they ever tasted, with gumbo and greens and all that fried chicken you always liked me to fix."

Well, Charlie  I never heard him talk so fast when he says to me, "Granny would you?  You'd go through all that trouble for me?"

I tells him it won't be trouble at all for folks like us, cause we give people the royal treatment all the time when they come here, except those folks who act too high and mighty, but I knows that Charlie's young 'un has to be a good  feller, since his mama Miss Diane was so sweet to this Granny before she gone and died so early leavin' those boys for their daddy to raise. 

Now Charlie he can't believe how lucky he is now, since we don't plan such fussin' every day round here except Sunday.  "Now if your William and his Miss Kate want to get out a bit, and don't mind a place where folks aren't quite as smart and friendly like we are in Cloutierville, we'll send them down the road a piece in either direction they like, to Alexandria or Natchitoches, where they can check into a motel like everybody else so they can get some serious lovin' done, like me and Elmer do.

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