Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On election day Granny can't stop thinkin' bout the tears on Lincoln's face

"Granny, don't you have the t.v. on? There's an election today, don't you want to know what happens?"  "I already know," I told Ben, "It don't matter as much as the meanness that went on and the tears on Lincoln's face."
Damage to Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War

Ben is 16 years old, and with his big eyes looks at the world with wonder most of the time when we talk.  That grandson of mine he's always been the kind of child that looks at things in real good ways.  But lately he's been getting angry, and I asked him why is that.

 "Well, Granny everybody's angry.  Ain't I supposed to be?"  And I sit him down and tell him bout the tears on Lincoln's face.

"We sittin' here, Ben; and you all angry and shakin' your fist and worried bout this country like the folks there on t.v.  Let me tell you bout the man who worried bout it too, when times was hard, and there was hate in every corner of the land.  Many people was angry then, just like they are today.  Every man who spoke up then, each said only they was right.

And old Abe Lincoln he saw the country fight against itself in awful ways, and men die all around him,  men who thought America would never survive, and that the hate would never leave.  Lincoln knew though everyone was all Americans and folks would learn to live together and work hard after all that pain cause they knew they was countrymen. 

But in this year, oh Ben I think, there's tears on that man's face now, even in his grave, cause folks raise their fists in anger once again in the same way they did long ago, each thinkin' they's the man that's really right but this time promise they'll never change.

So I can't watch t.v. today, Ben,  and watch the meanness too.  I done made my vote in Cloutierville and that's what really counts in a place like this that's free and where every neighbor counts.   I don't want to watch the angry people when I think of our country today cause  when I do I can't stop thinkin' bout the tears on Lincoln's face."


  1. You couldn't have said it any better, Granny for this is the truth.