Monday, November 8, 2010

John Boehner heading for a shellacking too if he doesn't play fair

"I can't hear you with all that noise goin on, can you speak up, John?   You told me before the party was over before and now it's goin on again, and are you going to just get drunk and  talk a lot and not do, little Mr. Boehner and fight with the other kids again? "
John Boehmer, Republican, new Speaker of the House
"Granny, we just won the election, and everybody is talkin' at once.  But I'm so happy, oh, I just get teared up thinking about it.  They love me; they really, really love me."  John, he's known for lettin' those feelings out.  I told him when he was little visitin' his Granny in Cloutierville not to be afraid to cry, and he sure does it when he needs to now.  I told him he didn't win an Oscar like Sally Field so don't be sure he won cause people love him.  But I also told him Granny does, and that's enough, but he still needs to get over himself.

"John, remember what I told you before?" I tells him, " Folks can be fickle.  They love you one day.  The next day they give you the boot. And if you don't decide to play nice and stop wantin' things your way all the time, then you goin' to have trouble all over again.  You hear, me, child? "

"But Granny, it's our turn."  That John, forgettin' who he's talkin to, but he's stopped his cryin' enough to listen a minute.  "Don't you think we should have a turn?"he asks, and I wonder why that child doesn't remember what he does half the time.

"All you do is start fightin' again.  You go back there and say you aren't gonna play with those other folks.  I think you did that before, didn't you?  Look what happened.  The other fellow says he wants to be friends, but you don't?  Nothin's gonna get done, and then you come here whinin' when you lose. 

And let me tell you one more thing before you gets off this phone.  Granny's proud of you for workin' so you won,  but you better watch out, that woodshed is waitin' if your shenanigans make trouble for some of us old folks and if you didn't tell the truth and all, cause I  tell you, and you gettin'  two shellackin's then, one from those folks you beat and the other one from me."

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