Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Granny's Cloutierville closer to the truth than Sarah Palin's Alaska

So Elmer and me got the kids in the boat to go out in the bayous along Cane River cause if Sarah Palin is showin' people Alaska then we gotta be real about Cloutierville, and Granny ain't runnin' for President, and here we are livin' closer to the truth.
Swamps in Cloutierville
"Look kids, it's a mama alligator with her baby," Elmer pipes up to Pepper our eight-year-old granddaughter as we get going down the river and into the bayous.  "How can you tell?" Pepper she asks lots of questions.  Granny says "Cause that's the one wearin' the lipstick."

"Grab one of those oars and hit the snakes we been passin' so people can see you real clear and just how tough old Granny can be," Elmer tells me, as he puffs up his chest to look strong as he's leadin' the way just like Todd Palin is doing on that t.v. show we been seein.'

You betcha Granny knows these bushes and bayous and how to get past the snakes and gators, since she fought one of the big ones that sits in the yard by the house.

Alaska's got nothin' on Cloutierville, as folks round these parts all know.  So Sarah Palin ought to join Elmer and Granny in the swampland to see just how tough she can be, where you can't see Russia but need eyes in the back of your head and a brain to figure it out and a whole lot closer to the truth.

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