Sunday, November 28, 2010

Granny warns Korea to return to Cloutierville ways

"I don't care who started it.  I'm finishing this discussion right here and now.  No more excuses cause you're always startin' fights, and one of these days the whole playground is goin' to be gone," I tells them the truth but these boys they don't listen no more..
Kim II Sung in 1984 when he was elected President for life in North Korea
I been watchin' those fellers ever since I been a girl around here, one of them always startin' something, a fight in their neighborhood, and each one blaming it on the other.  Then they get everyone else in the town takin' sides.  But that's the way of the world, just not in Cloutierville.  But sometimes that one feller, he gets real mean, and he won't even listen to Granny.  That's the way playgrounds become evil empires instead.

Granny knows how these problems all start..

"You both belong in the woodshed, "I says,but they both keep talkin' so much on top of each other, no one hears what Granny says anymore.  "But the one of you not takin' care of your children, well you is the one first to blame"

"We only got one Cloutierville.  We also got only one world.  If you boys keep up your fightin', no one will get any sleep and there won't be as much fun round here.  There'll be no time for fishin' or lovin' or even just walkin' the streets, cause your fightin' keeps gettin' bigger each time you boys get a chance, and you keep gettin' others involved." 

Those boys, they's too big for their britches and grown up now, and they're mad cause old Granny scolds them both when they get in these fits, like they doin' right now, and makin' Granny worry bout all her grandbabies that could get hurt if those boys don't start mendin' their ways.

But they're getting grown up now, those boys in Korea, and forgot all our Cloutierville ways.   Round here us folks know the way to keep peace in our families, so that it spreads out to everyone else.  We know who's our brother's keeper, and we know it's not the down the street someplace, and that keeper looks back at us in the bathroom, each morning while we're getting dressed.

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