Saturday, November 13, 2010

Granny tells a cupcake story about spreading tales and owning your mistakes

"Where you goin with those cupcakes, Granny,?"  my Melody Sue asks, and I answers, "I'm givin' these to Alice," and when that grandchild of mine asks why do that when Alice doesn't like me, I tells her,  "It's Granny's lesson never to spread tales."
"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"
So I sits right down beside Melody Sue on the front porch this mornin' as the cupcakes sit beside me on that table waitin' for the walk to Alice's house for her birthday is today.

"Years ago when Granny was a young woman, Alice and me we worked those pecan fields.  The work was hard, especially when the weather was so hot and we was all poor and needin' money too.  The owner he paid extra for the ones who done the most, and all of us we worked real hard for that.

One day I thought I saw Alice take pecans out of someone's sack and others did that too sometimes, and I thought well that was wrong.  So I started tellin' other folks that's workin' bout those folks I thought were stealin' pecans, and I finally  says it all out loud so everyone can hear.

The boss he heard commotion and came running through that field and grabbed my arm and took me straight away.  I wondered why he did that since I didn't steal the pecans, but I learned right fast that I did worse than that"

He tells me, "Listen up girl, when you saw those folks stealin' you needed to say something straight to them, not everybody else and never out loud to make them hurt and start a fuss like that.  Now folks are fightin' with each other, and it's all about those tales.  When you told me, that should have been enough.

Now you can stay here and work," the boss man said, "But I knew that it was too late, and I was wrong, and pecans they grow wild around this town,  and are plenty at Little Eva Plantation near Cloutierville, so there's plenty of nuts just layin' all around I could pick all by myself."

So you see that Alice she done taught Granny a lesson, and she might never know how special that can be.  Cause all of us needs lessons so we grow.  Even when we get older lessons come to teach us somethin'.  It's takin' those lessons and learnin' somethin' from them, that's important.  It's Alice's birthday, and an important day for me."

Melody Sue, she understands and hands that cupcake tin to me and says with a big smile, "We all love Alice too Granny, now you told this story.  If someday when the angels come for you or you're sick and you can't go, we will take that Alice cupcakes on her birthday all her life for the gift she gave our Granny years ago."

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  1. Superbly said in Supremely P.S. Granny fashion! ~<3~