Monday, November 22, 2010

Granny tells Buzz on getting a job: "There's always another fishing pole"

Buzz ain't been workin' for months he says.  He calls me from Ohio just worryin' a bunch bout it, since the employment rate is so high.  But I tells him, "Buzz, there's always another fishin' pole," and here is what that means.
Man on Grand Isle checking out the water for fishing
"All of us have a fishin' pole we get when we are born.  That fishin' pole can mean most anything.  It can mean a talent for fishin' for sure.  It can mean a person can paint or write or use a hammer and saw or get folks to work together.  It's knowin' bout that fishin' pole, learnin' to be smart with it, and believin' you're the best darn fisherman around that makes a difference in what can happen for you."

Well Buzz, he thought a moment and he says, "What can I do?"  And I tells him, "Just think back when you were really little here in Cloutierville and playin' with other children.  What was the thing you always thought of doin' the first thing you got up every day, the thing you wanted to do and liked the most when you was just a boy?"

He says to me, "Well I liked to take my wagon around with things I found in the neighborhood and see if other people wanted to buy them from me.  Most folks just had things to get rid of and didn't know how to get them around so other people knew.  So I took them in my wagon, and I found those other folks.  The people who had the things they gave me got rid of them or sold them, and the people who bought them from me didn't have as much to pay if those things I had were new."

He's quiet just a moment, then he says, "Oh, I know now.  I looked forward to takin' my wagon around like that and meeting people too.  I hadn't thought about it since I was a kid myself those many years ago back home in Cloutierville.  But I think I know what you mean, Granny, that wagon and what I done back then, well that's my fishing pole."

Everybody has a fishin' pole, but findin' it's the trick.  But Granny says, begin right there; and give yourself a chance because knowin' there's something you have inside that's special gives you hope when you have none. 

And most of all, when you get that fishin' pole workin' for you and catchin' fish again, just don't forget to thank the man upstairs who gave it to you first.

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  1. Thank you Granny! God guided me to your blog this morning - you said some things I needed to hear. I put down my fishin pole a long time ago, I knew where it was but ignored it cause I didn't have time to "go fishin", like Buzz I'm out of work and have all the time in the world to "go fishin" but I have been staring at that pole for months, afraid to pick it up... afraid that I wouldn't catch any fish if I used it... Again, thank you for your words - in childhood I KNEW I was the best fisherman (fisherwoman) and that the fish would come if I kept fishing and moving the boat around til I found the right spot- you just reminded me of it! :^)