Friday, November 19, 2010

Granny talks about family ghosts that come at death and holidays

Martin lives at the end of the street here in Cloutierville, older now, more than 70, people talkin' bout how well he paints and acts at the local church events, but Granny knows his secrets and the ghosts there on his roof.
                                            Illustration for Charles Dickens by Phiz for story Bleak House

"Granny, tell me something," Beulah, my neighbor asked. "What's wrong with Martin?  He don't talk much about his family, except bout his young 'uns here.  But he's an older feller with other children too, I thought I heard about, that's been livin' far away.  I don't want to bother, but he's a friend I worry over at the holidays."

I says to Beulah, whose heart's so good and always wants to help. "I think there's something deep inside, where people seldom go, and where their thoughts get all mixed up and old hurts stay around.  I think that's goin' on with Martin bout his other boys, the ones grown up he left those many years ago. 

Beulah she's all listenin' cause we know of other folks who walk away from families and are haunted by their ghosts.  I tell her I heard from one of Martin's boys who called, real sick, years ago and told me his daddy Martin wouldn't help him, and the boy he gone and died.  His other son that's left now has so much pain and anger that just stays around inside.

So I says to Beulah, "Some folks need lots more time to heal their hurts and need to dig right down where all of it still stays.  Cause if they don't that poison will fill their bodies up and they will die much sooner than they think." 

Beulah steps out into my garden and pulls a plant up from the roots and says, that wise, good friend of mine, "Is this what you've been sayin', that people need to go right here, to the root where all things grow?"And I nods, cause this is somethin' Granny wants for folks to know.

Beulah and Martin they been friends from many years ago, and she tells me she's gonna talk to him about what Granny says.  "I want Martin to know the hurts he caused those boys and his own life before it's just too late," Beulah says to me as she starts to walk away.

I tell Beulah as she's leavin' and walkin' down the street, "Remember things happen for some purpose,  with a time to hug and heal, and even a time not to hug when folks need time alone.  For everything that happens to us, even the pain we get, gives greater understanding for our lives."

Beulah goes down the street and stands at Martin's door, and then it opens wide.  She holds her arms straight out for him.  They hug and go inside.

Those ghosts that sat on Martin's house, they seemed to fade into the bayou mist like they would not return.  Cause what Martin's old friend Beulah learned from Granny were those things he had to hear, before those family ghosts came down and climbed into his grave.
The son reaches out with his hand to his father

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