Thursday, November 4, 2010

Granny gets riled about a boy locked in a closet and not being able to tell

"He came out of the closet.  I was so disappointed, Granny cause I had a crush on him."    Now I'll be switched, that sounded silly, but then it got worse when Beth said, "I think he should have just stayed with  don't ask, don't tell" like President Clinton said, don't you?"
Former President Clinton at Naval Academy, who initiated regulations on "don't ask, don't tell"
"How long was he in the closet?" I asked Beth, and when she said, "Almost his whole life," then I was really riled.

"Poor child, well that sounds men.."

"And now he's comin' back to Cloutierville without any job because of "don't ask, don't tell." Beth sounded mad since she and Jimmy is friends.

"Well, he sure should have told someone after bein' in that closet all those years.  They must have just let him out for school since I saw him gettin' on the bus with the rest of you." I looked at Beth, as she shook her head.

"No Granny, you don't know how they made fun of him on that bus so that's why he was in the closet all those years."

Granny heard of bullyin' on that t.v., but this was far enough, makin' fun of a child like that so he had to stay in the closet when he wasn't goin' to school.

We'd all been right proud of Jimmy when he became a Marine.  When he went to Iraq, his Mama came to my house frettin' all the time.  But now I finds that child was locked up all those years, no wonder he went in the service. 

Beth tells me they made him leave the Marines just because he came out of that closet.  He's comin' home without one of his hands, and all he knows is farmin'' like his daddy did all those years.

I was goin' to write my Senator and tell him bout all this, cause Lordy this all don't sound good to me, but then I finds out from Beth that the government feller thinks it's right because coming out of the closet he thinks upsets all those Marines.

Granny wonders how many folks know about that boy in the closet and what happened and now that feller that helped keep him there is goin' back to Washington.

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