Thursday, November 11, 2010

Granny comforts Myrtle on the death of a pet

"Sam died," Myrtle was crying so hard on that phone I could barely understand her, "and the neighbor lady said, well it was just a dog, not like my husband Bud or nothin'," and I tells her love is really more than that.
drawing of angel or goddess with animals in a heavenly place
Granny remembers the dog she had those many years ago here in Cloutierville when Granny was just big enough to understand a bit.  I cried for Freckles, Lord I cried so hard and long and wondered why things had to die like that. 

I still remember Freckles as I hear my good friend cry, and I tells her this because I understand, "Everything we love is separate from everything else we love.  Love has lots of ways for us and opens lots of doors.  Things live, things die; and each time that we love we learn to love much better, cause that's why we get these gifts, these creatures in our lives.  They give so much with little in return, and sometimes I think they bring more from heaven than people cause they know how to give like that.

But in those gifts we get from those created to give love, we grow and learn ourselves.  What they were to us never goes away, but in that place where all good creatures come that angel-like way wants us to love again.  These creatures, they are many now, and many needin' us.   Sometimes that's why we lose the ones we love, so we can find love again somewhere else and help another one."

Now Myrtle, she's still sobbin' and I know she will today, tomorrow and forever in her heart.  Cause cryin' when we lose something we love so very much can hurt us very deep.  And I tells her, "Let that cryin' come and think again of where there's some creature cryin too for someone it can love  and just waitin' for you to come and take it home."


  1. Losing a pet who is a part of your family is very difficult. I think there is something wrong with a person who doesn't appreciate that fact.

  2. This is so beautiful. What perfect sentiments.
    Thank you for the warm feelings.

  3. You are welcome Maureen. The heart that feels is the one closest to the Creator.