Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love in Cloutierville

Becky called so excited, telling me how I oughta see the movie Eat, Pray, Love where a woman goes on a trip to find herself and I wonder how it takes somebody to have to do that when Granny finds in Cloutierville all of that right here.
Granny's yard where she stands sometimes to pray

"Granny, you gotta see this movie, "Eat, Pray, Love" she was so excited I listened while she told me bout why she thought it would be good for me.  "It's all about this lady who travels in Europe and Asia.  She meets men and learns about love.  She eats good food.  She finds faith in nature and through visiting temples and beautiful places." 

"Of course, we can see it, Becky," I says since my grandchildren love to sit on this old couch and watch movies on Granny's old t.v.  But most of the time we have that darn thing off, they know, since listening to people is so much more fun that watchin' somethin' that can't talk back, nor love and hug as well.

But I tells Becky Granny's notions bout these things like women want, cause every woman does.  The love of a man like Elmer, who fixes things and helps with cookin' and holds Granny's hand in quiet times and her heart within his soul.

Now eatin' that's what Cloutierville folks always like to do.  A piece of fried turkey or chicken, fried catfish, a mess of greens, potatoes from the ground out back, corn bread stuffin' and a slice of pecan pie, is good eatin'' that's for sure.  That beats the tar out of Paris fixin's I figure any day.

Prayin' is not just goin' to church in this town where the man upstairs is with us all the time no matter where we go.  When people stand together in a neighborhood or someone's house, we hold our hands and pray.  In fact we do that all the time, so everything's a prayer.  We do it when we's washin' dishes, carin' for our families and even walking through the countryside of beauty all around.

Eatin, prayin and lovin is what us folks sure do, but for us it's not a movie but what's in our hearts right now, that Granny passes on to you.

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  1. Now that's telling it straight Granny, and we do the same thing around these here part5s of the Northwest. . . . . .Eating, Praying and Loving!