Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't take your gun to church, son

"Where you going with that gun, Bert?  We're goin' to church not a rifle range, and there's not gonna be deer at church," then he tells me the law says he can, so he is, just in case, and I wonder what fool thing is all that.

Sure enough Elmer comes up and says to me, "Yep, in Louisiana those folks in Baton Rouge done made it so we can take guns to church, just in case someone acts crazy and starts shootin' up in there."

Well, now I heard tell of those things, but in my long life I ain't heard tell of tht very much   I gotta wonder how it makes sense to be prayin' and packin' all at the same time.  I remember those folks sayin' on t.v. in some religion group, "what would Jesus think," and that's now goin' through my mind along with what would Jesus think about even askin' the question.

"No, Granny tells you no, son.  Don't take that gun to church boy,"and he looks at me and says, "Granny you don't understand.  You know, something just could happen.  Times have changed since you were young.  Besides I won't shoot unless someone shoots first "  But I just shakes my head, "It don't change that much round here, son."

So I tells him if he can think of anytime in Cloutierville someone got shot in church or somebody tells him about when it happened, then maybe we'll talk bout it.

Bert goes down the street askin' the neighbors bout anyone shot in church and stays gone until it's gettin' late and we're waitin' on him so the bunch of us can leave.  But finally he comes in the door and and puts the gun back in the cabinet, then turns around and says to me, "Granny, you're right, let's go, I'm ready now," because that child never found a single person ever died from being shot at church, or even Sunday School, although some folks they told him they sometimes slept like they was dead through some preacher's sermons when it just gets too darn long.

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