Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Domestic abuse gets Granny's 'gator hungry

"Hey, bitch.  Get back out here, you don't need to be complainin' to Granny." I hear him in that truck, and she's standin' in the kitchen shakin', and I tells her she's like a broken bird that will never fly,unless she really gets free of that hurt out there.
Gator guards Granny's house

"Granny, you get out of my way.  That's my wife, and I'm the one she's got to reckon with," he says in that voice Elmer and me we heard enough of in our lives.  Our granddaughter, Melody Ann has been here so many times we done lost count, and here she is again.

"It's alligator time, for you, Buck, "I tells him, "You step across that lawn, and he can smell you comin' long before Elmer gets there to shoo you off.  So you better hightail it out of here, cause the sheriff he's a comin. ' We won't be havin' anymore of this."

Elmer grabs me cause I'm shakin' now myself, but not because I'm scared like Melody Ann is, so many times she's cried into these arms.  I'm shakin' cause I'm madder than I ever been before.  A place like Cloutierville, so peaceful like, Buck comes here from the town down the road, where I told her not to move with that man, away from her family and friends, like he told her they oughta do. He just wanted to have her to himself like he always has, where we can't do nothin' to stop him and where she can't get help.

That child she got no bruisin' except what's in her heart.  It's the words he uses that hurts her so much, she can't seem to do anything these days except get on the phone to me.  Her friends ain't seen her, and she hasn't been to church in so long, we all been worried so.  He don't always swear, but he puts her down in front of everyone,, the poor child she just looks so sad.  Then he goes and makes up with her, and it starts all over again.

Buck, well he don't listen; and as I walk inside the door to check on my Melody Ann,  I hear a scrunch behind me, then a rustle in the bushes as the gator comes back and sits there like he always does when he didn't get this granny, but decided to keep the varmints away instead.

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