Monday, November 1, 2010

Cloutierville gets early count results that might predict the future

 Cloutierville gets early count results that might predict the future. It's two days before the election, and everyone in Cloutierville is awaiting the results, because this town gets the numbers before election day around here, unlike everywheres else.
Carter house in Cloutierville
 Elmer and me we sit here in Cloutierville, thinkin', like the rest of the country, what in tar nation is goin' on in our government, and we wonder about the count from last night that will help decide our future.

Last night the mix of children, all of different hues, walking arm in arm with Halloween pumpkins and wearing their costumes,  going up on family porches as far as the eye could see was a special blessing, we celebrate each year.

"Granny, did you get your numbers in? Now count 'em careful in there cause we gotta make sure things turn out right in the future."  Miss Sue next door she always worries cause she hears on t.v. about those places where people stick holes in cards every which way and then can't figure out what they did and get everybody mad. 

But I says, "Now Miss Sue, you know we take each and every count around here special, cause each one makes a difference.  You know that.  Just get yours in, if you haven't yet, since it really is important."

"Mine was in real early this mornin cause we get the early numbers in from the folks just before the bridge to the center of town before anywheres else.  It's those others from where the old Carnahan store was to the end of the street before the cemetery that straggles in.

Billy down the street was running the numbers, back and forth at every house, as he saw people scrambling up and down those steps doing their civic duty.  And then we hear him yelp, like he was real excited.

I been watching this many, many years, and no matter how many times it happens the results don't change that much.  But once in awhile there's a big surprise, and because there's new people this time around, the numbers might change just a tad.

"Oh, Billy, what you excited about?  You got the count already, and we don't have to wait a second more?"  Everyone was counted and we don't have to wait any more.   Cloutierville is always prepared for the country's  important times. 

At the end of the street at the Carter house, where a bunch of them come in near last.  they counted five first thing this morning, the number of pieces of candy left we need to know so we don't run out of treats on Halloween next year.   We start with how many pieces each person had to give out, then get the number we have left, figure how many bags of candy we need next time, how many pieces are in each bag and then how many each house should get for next year.

Now if those folks runnin' the numbers all over the country can get their numbers right on election night, like we get the candy count after Halloween in Cloutierville, the country can be all happy, but Granny thinks some of those fellers fool with what they got most times and can't plan like we do so things turn out fair and square, making people wonder if they can ever do as well as we do here with candy.

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