Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cloutierville and a national dilemma of cupcakes, texting and telephones

"Becky Sue, did you just win the election for Senator or did you get to be a doctor today? "No, Granny, why you asking?" I start to tell her, while that phone is on her ear, and then she turns and is on it with her thumbs again.

Then Becky Sue she says, "I just love your cupcakes, Granny. Can I have a chocolate one, cause they smell so good.  Now what were you going to tell me?" Then the next thing I know she's on that darn phone again with both hands holdin' it, and her thumbs just bangin' away.

"Just a minute, Granny, it might be important." And the next thing I know, she looks down at the phone and starts doin' all that business with her thumbs again.

Then the phone rings after she's done with her thumbs, and she's sayin,' Oh, yes, I just love Ricky Martin.  Didn't I tell you on Facebook?" and her talkin' just goes on and on.

That Becky Sue she's twelve years old, but I never sees her playin outside much anymore and runnin' down that street like she used to do to get to Granny's house cause she walks real slow with that phone in both hands with her thumbs thumpin' or up to her ear most of the time.

"I'll take that cupcake, Granny," she says, after several more times she's on that phone, lookin' at me with one of her hungry eyes, with the other eye starin' at her phone with her thumbs just ready to thump it again, and I tells her, " That cupcake just went out the back door with the postman bringin' mail to Cloutierville, cause he passed by and asked me how I was and talked with me awhile.  He said I was important and kept right on talkin' to me while the phone in his pocket kept ringin."

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