Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bush asks to go to Cloutierville for a book signing

You comin' here to Cloutierville, George?" I asked him on the phone when he rang me up and Elmer asks, "Is that the guy I'd like to have a beer with?" but I remember someone sayin' he just "drank the Kool-Aid"and passed it along to his folks.
Bush's book available at, former President now on book tour
"Granny, you know I got my chance to tell my truth to folks," George tells me, and I says to him, "George Bush you know I caught you lots of times with fibs, and you know what I said about that, when you tell so many, how can people believe you the next time?"

"It's just torture what happened to me, you remember what that fellow did to me calling me a racist," and George sounded a bit peeved when he said it, "That's the worst thing that ever happened to me."

"What about water-boarding?" I asks him,  and he says, "Damn right.  Now let me explain that's all legal and kept those terrorists out of our country."

"But George that just got folks riled up, when you could have just called the terrorists a bunch of racists themselves, and that should have been torture enough."

Now George, he's all quiet, but I know he's listening a bit, then he says, "Granny, I just can't discuss it, you know.  There are many more important things, like my legacy and this book that I'm selling..    Want to buy one?  I don't know how many I'll sell, but if I mention people are reading them in Cloutierville, that should get folks interested everywhere else."

But I explains to George that folks here in Cloutierville have enough trouble trying to keep body and soul together after the mess he made with our schools that afterward was no child with a behind that was left.

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