Monday, November 29, 2010

A brooch and an old-fashioned lesson about security

"Get your eyes front where they oughta be, cause we gotta get out of this store since my feet is hurtin'  and I got to get back to my cookin' in Cloutierville," I says to my grandson Willy as I sees him lookin' at that girl leanin' down and they soon get a lesson bout what security means.
Emerald brooch for security
I had to stand up close in the back, but I notices my Willy lookin'  where that girl is standin' with her blouse open, and I knows what they's both doin' and I think it's high time I say somethin.'

So I gets up to Willy's ear and says, "I'm gonna grab just where I'm talkin', you hear me son.   Besides Granny sees those wanderin' eyes."

Now Willy he says, "Well, Granny I was just checkin' out the scenery."  But he wasn't just checkin' but starin' with his mouth all open and his tongue stickin' out so I tells him, "Just cause somethin' looks special don't mean it is, especially if a girl shows it all, with nothin' left for any man to dream." 

"Oh, Granny, you're just so old-fashioned," he says, but when he looks at my face he knows that means Granny don't listen to that.

Then I walks over to the girl and I tells her, "My Willy's been checkin' your scenery, he says, But with that door wide open at the top of your waist,  you don't have much security.  It's like that feller that's puttin' up stories on the Internet bout everything our country is doin'.  It just takes your safety away," and I pulls out a brooch I got in my purse and pins it right there on that blouse and says, "You'll get more attention with this pretty brooch, and if some feller gets nosy when you're covered up, that pin on the end can get really handy sometimes"

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