Thursday, November 25, 2010

Be thankful for your simple gifts

If you have good health today, be thankful, for that is all you need to take care of yourself and others.
If you have the love of family and friends, be thankful, for that is all you need when you are sad or sick and old.

If you have food on your table, be thankful for there are many folks who have nothing to eat at all.

If you have the light that shines from the man upstairs in your heart and share it with others, be thankful for it's your greatest gift of all.


Rest and Be Thankful - Poke Salad Granny


  1. You're right Granny, we do have to be thankful for simple things for when all is lost those are the things that are usually left, the things we take for granted. And when you lose even those things as I have you have that which always was and will be forever...Jehovah God.

  2. That final gift is the one we need most and if we have nothing else, it sustains us.