Friday, November 5, 2010

Barack Obama confides to Granny how he feels about the election

"Didn't you listen?  Didn't I tell you to listen?"  "Well, Granny, I tried, but it was hard to hear with everyone talking at once, changing their minds, yelling and even telling fibs. "
President Barack Obama that Granny calls Barry - wikimedia commons
"Granny, I knew I could talk to you.  I thought I would just cry right there in front of everyone, it hurt so much makin' everybody lose the election like that."  He's talkin' real slow now and louder cause it's important. "People talkin' bout my religion and gettin' it wrong.  People talkin' bout my birth certificate and gettin' that wrong.  I know I make mistakes, but sometimes it hurts for people to say no to everything when you are working as hard as you can."

And I tells him, "Remember what I told you that getting mad back wasn't a good way to get things done.  That's the job you have that's part of it."

That Barack.  He calls me every time this kind of thing happens and he thinks he's failin' somethin'.   He's been a good boy, studied hard,, worked hard all his life.  It's hard to have a big job and have people being mean and not always been right but trying real hard too.  I told him that when he started out with that big job in Washington,  but he said, "Granny, I want to try.  I really want to try to do a good job."  And I told him, "Sweet child, I know that, but you gotta listen and understand that not everyone will like you no matter what you do."

"Granny, this is what I heard.  People said they wanted good health for everybody and that was important, so I did my best.  They said everybody and the government should help.  Then they changed their minds with people having these meetings and not even listening at all.

They said they didn't want Wall Street folks to do whatever they wanted so I said okay to that and did some things to help make it better.

They told me those big bonuses to executives were too much, and I said I'd try to fix that..

So I listened, but it's hard when people say they want you to fail all along, no matter what you do." He sounds real tired right now. Getting ready for that long trip and the election where he had to run around all those places would make a body weak.

"But Barry, that's the way it is and is for everyone.  That big job you got has broken down other Presidents before. when people didn't like them and they thought they had failed.  Everyone fails at something.  Sometimes they did.  Sometimes people do.  Sometimes you do.  You just try and listen the best you can and don't worry because things has a way of workin' out for the good," I tells him, but he sounds so sad today.

"Now you just do your best cause the best is all that you can do and remember Granny loves you and even those who don't love you, cause I don't pick favorites in my family.  Sometimes I just don't like what some of them do when they're mad, cause that's not good.

I'll talk to the man upstairs again for you, Barry.  You say hello to Michelle and those babies and dry those tears and be safe cause the poke salad patch and Cloutierville is here for you to come to if things just gets too hard.

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