Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airline costs force Robin to find boots for walkin' to Missouri

My poor little Robin.  He's walkin' to Missouri cause he can't afford to fly.  He says after he pays his airplane fare then he has to pay the same again,  just to travel to Missouri from Kansas.
Robin painting - wikimedia commons

Robin he called me Saturday and said he had to leave right away to make that Thursday dinner in Missouri with the family and sure can't make it to Cloutierville, Louisiana to see Granny cause of the costs unless he walks here too. 

"Granny, it's the darndest thing, the last time I went to visit Aunt Myrtle in Tennessee I get to the airport with a couple little bags.  They make me pay for them extra.  Then I have to pay extra cause I'm tall so I can sit in the exit row.  There wasn't any free food, but they came around with a tray so I had to buy some.   It was chilly in that part of the plane, so I asked for a blanket and pillow and they tell me they don't have them anymore but maybe I can buy them at the airport, but we were already flying, so that didn't make any sense."

It just got worse, he tells me and started right at the beginning and went on until he got to Myrtle's house.  "I asked for a magazine, and they tells me they don't have any in the cabin, but I can read the free one about their airplane and a catalogue in front of the seat.  But they offer me a movie, and they says I can pay for that if I want something to do, but then said I needed a  credit card,, and all I had was a driver's license. 

He went on, and I get wonderin' how silly all this is, not like when Granny used to get on the plane and it was really fun..  "I get to the airport and then find out the buses are runnin' slow to Myrtle's house so I should get a cab.  That cost me extra since I had those bags and Myrtle lives 15 miles from the airport."

So, he told me, "I'm walkin' to Missouri not flying this time, but I think I might have to run a lot cause it's just next door to Kansas but it's still a lot of miles to walk."

But Granny had a suggestion to help him out this time, "You know I heard tell there are boots made for walkin' some folks use to walk all over other fellers you might just get for walkin' to Missouri instead to get to that dinner on time, you can use afterward to walk all over some fellers that's might been botherin' your lady friends."

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