Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why the country is broke like Elmer's glasses

"Where are my glasses, Granny?  Did you take them?" Elmer is always losing something and blaming it on someone else,  and wanting folks to help him  just like bank folks lost all those papers about the money they got to make things right.
Elmer's eyeglasses
 "Elmer, when was the last time you had those glasses? You had them on when you were putting Becky's trike together.  You were in the garage the last time I see you wearing the glasses, and you never brought them back in." I told Elmer he needed to look for those glasses hisself, because I just get plain tired picking up after everybody else.

Well, Elmer figured his glasses were just where I suspected they'd be, but then he says, "Now where are the keys to the garage?  Did you move them?"

"Now that's the limit, Elmer, " I tells him, "You probably put them in your pants pocket after you came in the house."

So Elmer he goes around lookin' for awhile and then says, "I can't find those pants.  I bet you hung them up someplace."

I says to Elmer, "If I done that I'd remember it; and I didn't touch those pants.  Did you look through the laundry?"

"I put my pants in a basket someplace.  Was that the laundry?"  Then I remember the basket I put the old clothes to take to the church rummage sale, and I figure that's where they are.  But it's Tuesday night, and the church is closed here in Cloutierville and won't be open for a couple days, and Elmer needs his glasses or he can't watch t.v. or read or nothing.

It's just like those people in charge of things like our money  in those banks.  Folks keep making up excuses why they don't know stuff or where things is but they is the one who lost them in the first place and things keep on getting worse until they get nigh on to impossible to figure after awhile.

 Then just before goin' to bed, and I'm pickin' up and puttin' things away, out comes Elmer's glasses dropped on the floor from a pocket in his shirt; and he comes out of the bathroom and crunch with his foot--there goes the glasses.

All that time and foolish business trying to find those glasses and now they're broke, just like folks needing money and the banks can't figure things out and things keep getting confused and worse for everybody,  while they keep messin' up, just like Elmer, and now he wants new glasses and still can't find his keys.

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