Monday, October 25, 2010

Those French should work as much as they kiss

"Nicolas, no I can't go there cause you doin' all right on your own.  You wanted that big job you got; and I knows those people are actin' foolish throwing tantrums cause they have to work when they get older, but you're a big fellow and can figure this out, besides we done left there because of that funny business you worrying about in the first place."
Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
 That child, he's always calling me from way over there in France where he's got that big job as President and that fancy name Sarkozy.  Now what kind of name is that, doesn't sound French to me.  But now he's asking' Granny to go there and handle things because he and his wife Carla Bruni have affairs they still need mindin' just like here, only they not as sneaky. Them French women they's smart they got their jobs and work and look real pretty too, just like women in Cloutierville.

While I was thinkin' bout all that, the phone rings, and Elmer tells me, "It's Nicolas wantin' to talk to you about what he's doin' now.

"Calling again?  Nicolas, if you got the kind of money to call Granny from way over there, you got enough money to take care of business, since you been runnin' around plenty too. And then there's that gal of yours, shoppin' and buying things and all.  Where in tar nation you get all that money?  Are you gonna be borrowing like everybody else?

"We hightailed it out of there a long time ago, my great grandfather he told us we was goin' to make a new home in America here in Cloutierville and all, and if you don't like it much over there in France, well you can get on over here where you got family.  And you can show them folks how it is, cause here we work until we drop dead or something, or that's the way it's lookin.'   Lord, I was working most all the time pickin' something, corn, cotton, pecans whatever they got, so we can put you to work with the rest of us cause you're gonna have to work instead of just loafin' around like some folks do, those rich ones who don't know how to do nothin' and them others who just think they're entitled.  Then there are those no count other folks who claim they have a bad back or can't leave home because they get eat up by alligators.

You figuring things out and acting tough like you said?  Then do what you gonna do cause Granny sure don't like whiners who don't take Granny's advice.  You telling folks you is in charge and won't stand for any funny business, now that's my boy.  But you remember you gotta be fair and nice to people, and don't treat them bad just cause they different."

I told Elmer when Nicolas hung up that he was the one kid I worried about all along when he was growing up since he was fixin on all the girls and wanted to be important and then whines and everybody gets worried, then he works things out.  He maybe ain't like that great grandpappy on his mother's side who had his chance to get on the boat with my great grandpappy, but Nicolas' folk they just got too blame scared to travel that far from home like Nicolas does.

Them French, I hear all they is good for is kissin'' but at least Nicolas he can do that and work too like the rest of them oughta learn.

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