Friday, October 8, 2010

President Obama gets scolding from Granny about the oil spill

Get in here, Barry, you young whipper snapper.   And don't tell me it was those other boys that did it.  You made yourself the President, so you gotta own up.  You sure knew all about it too.  I didn't raise you up to be like that, telling people stories about the oil spill when they weren't true.

You may think you're all high and mighty right now  and all that, but you know better.  And I told you when you were little and came to visit your Granny in Cloutierville, you gotta tell the truth all the time, no matter what.  So there's no excuse for what you did.  Why do I have to keep telling you?

Next time, you won't get just a scolding but all of you boys are going out to that woodshed so you better apologize.  When you talk to Jesus, you tell Him you're sorry too because you can't lie and still say you're a good boy.

Now you just stop sniveling, and pull up those britches, and no you can't have a cookie right now because you haven't earned it after what I just heard.  When you go back and apologize and stop being naughty and tell people they have to tell the truth, and stop making excuses, then we'll see about it.

Now go back to work because everybody needs you to take care of yourself because you don't want to get sick like some of Elmer's friends and their families down there near that oil spill when you said there wasn't much that was going on.  It isn't going to be fixed for a long time, so you better think about how many people that hurt because when you don't tell the truth, well people might not trust you next time.

Remember just like I told you, you're judged by the company you keep.

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