Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Political tantrums interfere with Granny's dreams

"Get in here.  I said get in here.  No, you can't say one more word, not one more word.  You hear?  You so busy screamin' at each other, nobody can hear what you're sayin.'  Politics as usual, well it ain't usual for me and a whole lot of folks who are fed up with the likes of your shenanigans., and you just watch what they gonna do.
Meg Whitman and Jerry Grown, Gubernatorial candidates in California
 And wipe the mud off your feet, you got all messy throwing dirt at each other and it sticks to the two of you, don't it?  You walkin' in it, you smellin' bad; and none of you is any better than anybody else, no matter how you talkin' cause when you starting name-callin' and talkin' mean, well that shows who you are in the first place.

Your Granny's got eyes in the back of her head, and ears that can hear all the way to California, Missy, so don't think your pretty like blond curls, Meg Whitman, is gonna let you get your way.  With all that money you spent throwing parties and making yourself popular, you could have fed all of the poor people in Cloutierville and sent clean water to those poor, suffering children in Haiti.

And Jerry?  You keep workin' at the same thing over and over and wonder why you gettin' dirty?  Well, get yourself a real job if you don't like it.  Both of you acting mean to each other, the both of you.  I saw Jerry tried to settle down, then you started pickin' again., Missy.  I won't put up with it.  You hear me both of you?  Don't walk away either of you here cause you both going to your rooms and no t.v. and nobody sayin' anything and maybe we can get some rest."

I thought when your folks went out there to California they would have kept their manners they learned in Cloutierville, but Granny sees California dreamin' isn't easy for them folks when I can't even get my sleep with all of your foolish noise."

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