Sunday, October 31, 2010

A plan from Granny to save the economy

"No, I ain't goin' to church today, but you go on ahead.  Why?  Because I gotta get the food ready to put on the porch, since they done marked it so they'd know.  You say I can't save the whole world?  Well, then you don't know your Granny."
wood to cut in Granny's yard
 Brenda Sue's she's been in that city for so long she done forgot what it's like for us country folk.  She says, "You can't save the whole world, Granny," when I knows I can and so does everyone else in Cloutierville cause that's what us folks do.  When someone's sick and hungry, we take care of them.  That's why folks round here they stay home when they see the mark and know someone is comin' for some help.

You see the mark they put on Granny's porch tells a body that food is on that porch.  They comin' from the trains and fields and stopping here to rest.  They cut the kindlin' out there from the wood that's on the ground, because these men are proud, and they don't take no handouts cause they earn what they done get.  They knows they is always somethin' Granny finds around here they can do.

"So you tell those government people at church," I says to Brenda, "if any of them's awake, that Granny has some news for them out here in Cloutierville, that we is helping our folk one at a time, as one can help another, and we make sure each feller has somethin' they can do to earn it and be proud here in the bayous of Louisiana..

And remember this," I tells her as she's gettin' in the truck all fancied up for church and all, "When someone asks why you doing something to help some poor soul and that you can't save the world, well that's just their excuse for doin' nothin' at all.

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