Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hide the moonshine because the revenuers are coming after the election

"Those revenuers are coming, so you better hide the moonshine right quick,"I says to Elmer, and he asks how I know about the revenuers.  I tell him that's what happens when some politician says "no new taxes."
Moonshine - Brian Stansberry, wikimedia commons
Elmer he went on out in the back yard and got everything settled with our boys so nobody would take some of that moonshine we been making here in Cloutierville  and then say we had more than we did.  We pay our taxes, but we darn sure aren't going to pay more when they keep busting in here ever so often and taking off with our moonshine.

So I'm waiting right here for one of those fellers to come through the door with one of those pieces of paper.  Like those politicians that say some fellers raise taxes, and they don't for a little while and then they darn tootin' do it anyway. so who's a body to believe about it?

Elmer, now he comes in and sits down after he's done hiding the still and all that moonshine and says, now what are those "no new taxes' since we keep getting those old ones coming back every year.  It's just a little business we got going, and the people around here aren't going to have their Saturday night fun down if there isn't enough moonshine on the table.  We been paying taxes and those big fellers that run those companies on Wall Street and all, they don't pay nothing."

Now I tell Elmer, "It's sure as shootin' those fellers are coming since they been planning it all this time since they didn't have the big say down there in Washington.  They are just pretending by saying we shouldn't trust the government because that's them anyway, ain't it?  It don't make any difference either who wins the election.  Those revenuers are coming."

Elmer and me gotta have our old age pension checks from the government because we need that money for the car to get us to church and to the doctor down the road and pay for our medicines, because Lord knows my bones get hurting from my rheumatism.  Besides we don't get that much money anyways.  Those same folks who promise they won't raise our taxes were gonna take some of my old age money and Elmer's and give it to those big fellers on Wall Street and gamble with it, like they do when they get a lot of money.   Isn't that why some of them went to jail?  Might just as well come down here and play poker with the boys.

So I know when those revenuers are comin' right after the election.  They think they we can't figure them all out, what they're doing and everything.

But granny knows what they been up to, Lord have mercy.  So when we see them coming we ain't feeding that alligator so it'll be hungry enough to make those boys think twice about coming down here again.

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