Friday, October 22, 2010

Granny’s fish tale for everyone with a broken heart

“Oh granny, can I talk to you,” my Alice asked one day, and when I heard her story I thought how times don’t change, but people do, like happened to my friend, Elizabeth Edwards, when she was so sick, and then a fishing tale came up.
fishing on the bayou - PSG
“You see some pole cat wandering around away from home, and you know it will get its tail in a trap,  one day like that John Edwards feller who wanted to be President,”  I says to Alice. “That Elizabeth, his wife,  she turned those memories about his finding another woman into something good for others, like I told her she could do.”

And it isn’t just fellers that are cheating, and finding someone else, cause girls they do the same. What happened to you goes on all the time.,” I told my Alice, while she sat there on that couch with her big eyes all bright and shiny from those tears.   Then I says to her,” People you love one day love you, and the next day they might be leaving.  It’s what you do with what you learn that makes you even stronger.”

“But granny, you don’t understand.  It hurts so much inside.”  And I shakes my head because it’s hard to forget that kind of hurt, even when things get better.

That’s the part most folks don’t know, that all of us have secrets, even those that grannies do, long buried in their hearts, until a grandchild like my Alice opens up those hurts and a Granny then remembers.  

“Now all you know is Elmer,” I told Alice, “But years ago this Granny had another man that she loved very much.  Ten children later, this feller left, and Granny was all alone to raise those children by herself.   I thought that day I’d never stop my cryin’.   The times were hard, and I was just so tired there were days I thought I could not take one more step ahead.  

Then one day down that road out back here in Cloutierville, came Elmer going fishing; and one of my boys was out there in that yard, and he asked if he could go along.  Well Elmer he smiled with that grin of his, and said, “Let’s ask your mother.”  I knew right then I’d love that man, and he’d love me and I could start all over.”

“You see, you think when you are young, there’s only one gal or feller who can ever love you, Alice, but love is something when you give, it helps you love much wiser..”

I saw my Alice out the door and turning down the road, and as she’s standing there a boy comes up with a fishing rod on his shoulder.

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