Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Granny's advice, don't forget old friends

Hattie Berger is my friend here in Cloutierville since we was knee high to grasshoppers, but she's alone since her kids growed up and moved away and Chester died, but you know she doesn't complain, 'cause we both know it's hard growing old when we still got things to say.
Hattie Berger's house
I said, "Hattie, now you listen here, girl.  You gotta get off that front porch and get down the road and see me,"  but it's hard for her to do that with her bad legs and all.  So I'm walkin' down the road, and I see her, and she waves real friendly like, and gives me a big hug when I get upon that porch.

"Land a-goshin, girl, where you been?"  Hattie smiled, and I got real mad at myself because I hadn't seen her in a week.

Friends is friends, and I tell you that's what's important in this old world where everybody says they're so darn busy.  But down here we don't forget our old folks, no sirree, and I won't take a week to get back and see her.

And don't you folks wait around to see your Hattie Bergers either, because if it gets too late, they just might be gone and you'll be crying and such and that won't ever be enough.  That's Granny's advice to you young'uns so you don't forget what I told you when I was bringing you up.

Growin' old ain't for sissees so take Granny's advice, don't forget old friends.

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