Thursday, October 14, 2010

Granny says marry that soldier because maybe now is all the time there may be

So I been sitting out here listening to the tree frogs and smelling the olive trees and Elmer snoring in there and I think about my granddaughter  here in Cloutierville because her sweetheart Lester left for the war over there that some folks thinks is a bad idea, and Lord knows when he'll be back, but I said, "My child, just take the love that Lester's giving you because who knows maybe now is all the time there may be."

Lizbeth, she's all growed up and smart, but she always comes and sees Granny when she wants to know what to do about something or somethings bothering her.  So I told her, "Lizbeth,  you know this poke salad patch gets smaller every day, and one day you'll be gone from Granny's world and finding your way somewheres else.  But when Lester gave you that ring, well for him that's special and a time in your life that's brand new each day, when you can get up and start all over. 

Elmer and me we been living out here a long, long time, and we never knew when we were young how we was going to make it when times was hard.  And times is hard right now, but when the man upstairs gives you something that makes you so happy, just hold it and keep it right now.  Because maybe that's all we have here now is the love for each other inside."


  1. Awww, that's so poignant, Poke Salad Granny. Makes me want to cry!

  2. Granny I know I love my soldier. Loving your soldier is the most honorable thing a woman with that opportunity can do. Because they need so much love to help them through the hard times.