Saturday, October 30, 2010

Granny tells how the women of Cloutierville beat the Devil

"She was all barefoot, with her long, black hair down and twisting by the campfire, as the wind blew across the levees.  The Devil found her walkin' all alone and said, "I'll give to you the one man that all the women want, if you will follow me.  And that Bayou Woman, she agreed, and the pact was surely made one Halloween."
view of the swamp from the levees in Cloutierville, Louisiana                          

Granny knows that story well and tells it every year about that Bayou Woman and how she and the women of Cloutierville fooled the Devil that night.  For the Devil he don't know what women want, so the deal he made was bad.  And so here's more of Granny's story about the Bayou woman on the levees that dark night.

"The Bayou Woman she done went around to all these women in Cloutierville, peering through windows and asking all of them, 'What man you want the most?' and the women said the same.  That's how the Devil lost and went away and never did return to those levees again.

For all those women of Cloutierville told the Bayou woman the man they truly want was the one they already had.  So there was not one man in town that all the women wanted, so the Bayou woman never found the one man the Devil said she would.

So Bayou woman went back to the levees, and the Devil he done gone, but there was this feller walking by hisself all lonely, like no woman wanted him.  That Bayou woman did and took his hand and led him through those swamplands, and they never did come back.

Sometimes you hears him whistlin' while that Bayou woman dances by the campfires, remembering how she got the best man in the town and the Devil was fooled on Halloween those many years ago.

And the children they say nothin' but I see them smile and laugh at Granny's bedtime story about the Bayou woman and Elmer, perhaps they know but never tell.

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