Monday, October 18, 2010

Granny says, when the stage is gone only the naked ladies remain

 "Hey,  granny I just got a new trailer, now what do you think of that?" Kevin Lacaze was so excited, he went driving by so fast he didn't have time for me to tell him about the naked ladies.
                                          Cloutierville field where naked ladies stand

The naked ladies sit in clumps in fields throughout the town, in empty spaces, looking pretty, but young folks they don't know just what those naked ladies mean.  Or they forget what was once was past, and what those old things are all about.  Some folks are so much in a hurry to change they forget those naked ladies.

We old folks in Cloutierville know what those naked ladies standing in fields could say, if any of them could talk.  They'd tell those young 'uns a thing or two to save them lots of trouble.

These days folks tear things down a lot when what they have still works, and they could use the parts people need and just do something good.    But young folks, like that Kevin, so excited with his new trailer that won't last very long. when his Mama's house still stands there lookin' proud, since she died just weeks ago.  It just needs a little paint, some flowers at the window, some fixing of the steps because that old house has stood so strong so many years, it could last through Kevin's life.  But Kevin he's always chasin' after something new, thinkin' it's just better, never knowin' about those naked ladies and how they could save his home.,

Naked ladies are flowers, and when you see a bunch all alone in a clump by the side of the road, you know a house is gone and with it something good.  Some folks have died or moved away;  the old house is torn down.  Or sometimes the house just stays right there and slowly tears away, all lonely like, just buried in the trees, with naked ladies by theirselves still honoring the dead.  And young folks get their something new, then worry bout the bills for something new is never enough when there's always something better.

When the stage is gone, only the naked ladies remain.

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  1. Ain't that the truth, Lord ain't that the truth. The young folks ain't never satisfied.