Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Granny says, “Tear down that fence”

"Where you going with that chicken wire, Elmer?"  Elmer he’s on his way to finishing build a fence with some of his friends to keep the folks from Lena out of the back pasture, just like those fellers want to keep some folks out of the back pastures in Arizona.. 
fence in front of pasture, fellers want to put fences in back on the road - PSG
"But how are you going to tell those fellers from Lena and the fellers who live here?" I asks them, cause it don't make sense to me, and how are you going to tell the difference between the folks who live in Lena coming in and the folks who live in Cloutierville, but they tell me, "We’ll  check their huntin' licenses."

Well, that's the darndest thing I ever heard, since I don't have a huntin’ license and lots of the folks from Lena don't neither because there’s no huntin in the back pasture.  But those fellers wanting to build that fence say they got to check the huntin' licenses of everyone comin' to Cloutierville they wonder about,  to see who belongs here just in case some folks from Lena come into the back pasture where they don’t belong.

Those folks from Lena got ways to get around that fence if they want to.  It’ll just make trouble with neighbors when we got trouble enough as it is keeping chickens fed and in the coop, so we need that wire they want to use for that darned fence.

I asked them fellers if they told the sheriff what they were fixin' to do, and they said it ain’t his business, since the people in Cloutierville have rights and should be able to build that fence wherever they want to since that sheriff he ain’t done nothing hisself to keep those rascals out.

But I wonder if building these fences and these walls isn’t just plain foolishness, when some other feller can come along and cut them down just like one of our Presidents said about a wall dividing some country people were getting around.   Besides they make fences for animals not for people.

So I tells them we should just sit down with those folks in Lena and the sheriff and work things out, cause there’ll never be enough chicken wire to keep folks out of all the back pastures here and everywhere else.

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  1. Could be that old chicken wire fence might also be used to keep folks caged in, if you get my drift...