Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Granny decides to grow test tube babies

I'll be swtiched if that isn't something.  Some fellow won a noble prize for making babies in a tube. I could hardly wait to tell Elmer, but he said I didn't need him for that, and I should just get one of those tubes and see what happens.

Some guy named Robert Edwards was in Sweden, and they gave him a prize so people made 4 million babies in tubes.  So I says to myself maybe I could win a trip to Sweden and get a prize if I could make 4 million babies in test tubes.  After all, I got a lot of plants around here; and everybody says I can grow just about anything.

But I sure hope the Catholics don't get mad at me like they did with that other fellow.  It sure is better than just saying no, like Nancy Reagan could help people stop doing what they were doing.  But for me, I couldn't ever say no to Elmer, because he's too cute.  Myrtle tells me that's why we got so many kids.

But I wanted to see if I could do it myself, so I got me some tubes the other day and went down to the county hospital and asked them to put baby stuff in there so I could watch it grow here in Cloutierville.  I've got plants up on the shelf right by the window, and I'd put it right up there where it would get lots of sun.  Those folks must not listen to the news, because they looked at me like I was crazy or something.  But I told them this fellow got a prize for making people able to do it.  I thought if I could make one grow, then I could take some parts of it, and put that in a tube too; and maybe that's how they got those 4 million babies.

I just can't figure how they get a whole baby into a tube and then get one out when it's big enough, but Elmer told me not to worry about it because I could get the tube and give it to some other girls who can grow them, and they could figure out the rest. 

Now why are the Catholics mad about that?

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