Saturday, October 9, 2010

Granny and Elmer get in trouble over modern fashion

So me and Elmer were standing in the line at Walmart, and this feller ahead of us,  he had his pants down and his knickers showing underneath so you could see his behind.  Well Elmer said, "Son, your underwear is showing," and then you know, all hell done broke loose after that.
Fellow with sagging pants - flickr - Malingering

This feller he turns around and tells Elmer, "Butt out."

I said, "It sure is, boy."  And I hands him a safety pin because maybe he needs something to hold up those britches.

"Are you going to stick me with that pin, lady?" the fellow asked.  Well, I couldn't figure that out because he didn't have a belt on to hold up his pants so I wondered how he could walk around and not trip all over himself.

"No," I says, "If you just hold still a minute, this will keep those pants up."  And I put my hand right there by his backside and gave those pants a tug.

So this girl standing there she said, "Hey, what you doing there?  Don't you be putting your hands on my fellow's behind."

Then I says to the girl, "Well, I can't seem to reach far enough down there to get the pin in.  Here you take it because that boy's pants are going to fall down, and when he carries those groceries he's gonna drop them if he has to hold up his pants.."

Well,we thought there might be a ruckus coming because those young folks they looked real mad.  We got out of Walmart as fast as we could, but I figured they wouldn't catch us since that boy can't hold up his britches and run after us at the same time.

But my stars and garters, I sure been thinking, if someone told me my knickers was showing I wouldn't be standing around all gabbing like that in front of people and I'd be thanking someone giving me a safety pin to fix my pants.

My grandson in Cloutierville he told me sagging pants, that was the fashion, but if he ever showed his knickers like that he'd be off to the woodshed with a switch on his behind.

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  1. Used to be that wearing a baseball cap sideways meant you were trying to look as goofy as you could. Sometimes I'll ask theses guys where I can get a hat like that, with the brim facing sideways. They always tell me the hat is on sideways, the brim isn't on the side. Not one has gotten it yet. Scott