Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get the hog behind you or fry his bacon, Granny's advice about cheating men

"Have you heard from the cochon?" I asked my Bonnie, and she said, "Granny what's that?" "A hog that roots where it isn't supposed to--- the man who cheats on a good woman."
Hog - picture by Cary & Art - wikimedia commons
 My Bonnie is a pretty child, well my grandchild growing into what they call that middle age, but those big brown eyes that melt your heart and the smile that folks just love.  She walked these roads of Cloutierville with Granny when she was just wee tiny, and then she growed up and married some fellow far away from here in Cloutierville, and one day she came back, crying as she came right in through that front door.

"They'll all do it," I told her.  "Those men folk, that's in their nature when they get older, but what you gotta do is look front.  Let the cochon stay in the back where he belongs, and you just go ahead, girl, you can make it on your own, I just know."

Me I could never understand those no counts, but I watched old Elmer's eyes when they wandered all around one time, and I caught him once a-lookin' at this gal on the street and I says to him, "Old man, you lookin' now and thinkin' someone like that will be hangin' on to you, but when you can't run and play no more, you'll be sitting in the mud all alone.  Cause those young girls they is pretty now, but that changes too; and so will you and one day she'll be gone---and just like those other cochons you'll be just some burnt out bacon."

Well, Elmer he understood when he looked at that iron skillet in my kitchen back home and knew that I meant business cause I can sure fry bacon.
burnt bacon

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