Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elmer's dream tells of the death to come and an angel going home

“Granny, I can’t sleep,” Elmer said, and then he looked at me and shook his head “ I feel kinda different tonight because I had this lonely dream of horses going over a hill carrying a big trunk with them, and something deep inside just says to me something bad is going to happen.”
Seven 'angels' with the riderless horse at the funeral of Chad Jones, 10/23/10 - PSG
Elmer and me we lay there until morning, drifting in each other’s arms at our home in Cloutierville.    The phone rang, and it was my Annie crying, and she don’t cry much since she’s a real tough gal, and she says, “He’s gone, Granny, that feller’s been my friend for years.  But the pain just got too much I guess, so he –well, he just is gone, and it makes  all his friends so sad..”  

Annie didn’t tell Granny how the feller died,  yet folks  around these parts they knew the feller had some hurt like some folks can’t talk about.  Sometimes a body can’t handle what's bottled all up inside anymore, and then one day another mother pulls the shades across her window because her child is gone, and it's a pain that lasts a long time and a grief that's very deep.

 “Why, Granny, why do some folks die like that?”  Annie is the kind of girl who tells you what she thinks and sometimes she seems to think she knows all the answers, but not this time, it’s too much, and she’s just bawling her eyes out now.  

“When you live a long time, you know that life’s a battle over and over, and always something different, “I says to Annie, “but you just seem to get by, and around the corner comes something good along.  Children they don't know that something good is coming because they just see the day that’s there in front of them, and that can seem too long and they don’t see that it will end.  There are grown-ups that  feel that way theirselves.”

Then Elmer he goes to the window, watching the sun move over the hillsides and sees the riders come,  and the horse with the empty saddle, and pulls Annie and me right close to him as we watch those angels coming to take another angel home.
walkway from the church to the burial

St. Augustine burial site with chapel
  In Memorium for Chad Jones and all those whose deaths come too early and who will always be missed.

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