Monday, October 11, 2010

Elmer surprises a truck salesman trying to cheat him

So my grandbaby M'Lynn works over at the bank and she says, "Granny, you and Elmer ought to get yourselves a new truck," so Elmer and me we went looking for one, and the salesman said, "Have I got a special for you."  Well when Elmer found out how that feller was trying to cheat him, it was the salesman that got the surprise.
the tractor Elmer took to the car dealer

Me and Elmer we walked around that big yard that feller had, and he was just a-talkin'' and telling us all about his trucks, and he pointed to one of them and said to Elmer, "Just for you today is that truck you can get for about $16,000 if you got yourself a trade.  The car companies are making it easy for folks like you to have yourself a brand new truck and save yourself money because they'll even give you some money out the door."

So Elmer he says, "I got that truck over there."  And the feller he just laughed. "Besides my house didn't cost nearly that $16,000, and we didn't have anything to trade then." Elmer told him.  And the feller he done laughed again, like he was making fun of poor people..

Well, Elmer he don't take too kindly when fellers do something like laugh at his truck because nobody does that around where we live and laughing about the house here in Cloutierville,  that was worse.  But Elmer got even madder when he found out that walking out the door money the feller said he was going to give Elmer  was just tacked on to the price of that truck.

So that night Elmer and a bunch of his friends, they got the rusted out tractor from the back field and took it over to that big yard where those new trucks were and tacked a sign on it that said "traded this tractor for a brand new truck."

The next day there was this big bunch of fellers with their tractors all lined up outside that fancy truck place, and that feller who tried to sell us that truck you could hear him crying and yelling when those fellers chased him down the road so fast you couldn't even spot his behind.

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