Friday, October 1, 2010

Elmer says I ought to be like Larry King and have a talk show

I've been thinking all day about what Elmer told me this morning, that I ought to have a talk show like Larry King.  After all, he's leaving t.v., and all he has to do is ask questions; and I can do that and answer them too.

I could get someone like Anne Coulter.  Elmer saw her on television this week, and he said, "well she's pretty and talks a lot and you can't understand her.  So all you'd have to do is say, "Can you repeat that?  Or could you say that again?"  She probably couldn't even remember what she said, since it doesn't make any sense anyway."

You can also get a whole bunch of people and have them talk about Obama all at the same time and don't interrupt.  People could just spend their time watching and trying to figure out who said what, and you can offer a prize for anyone who figures it out and gives the right answer.  The contest could go on for weeks."

The first prize could be a round trip to Cloutierville, where we could have a live broadcast so folks see for themselves how folks around here talk with each other a lot better than what's goin' on in those talk shows.

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