Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No country for lying old men

I don't gripe much, but sometimes you got to get stuff off your chest or you'll just keel over someday and mine is about that March on Washington which looked to me like a old men's preacher meeting.

I was going to join the March on Washington, but Elmer said, "Clara, you know you got those bad joints and you snore real bad, so I won't sleep, and you'll be hurting, so I think you ought to stay home."

So I stayed home in Cloutierville and watched those folks on television, and Lord have mercy it was I'm glad I didn't go after all.

I thought the March on Washington was going to be for those black people again. My neighbors down the way come over sometime and eat poke salad and we talk about stuff going on. We watched the March on Washington with Reverend Martin Luther King, and that sure was different. This time there were just a whole bunch of white folks waving flags, and no one was singing, "We Shall Overcome." Not many black folks either, which wasn't what Dr. King said.

Then the guy doing most of the talking, that Beck boy Glenn, was sounding like some Southern preacher, not as good as the ones we got here. Besides he didn't make sense half the time so I couldn't tell if it was God he was telling about or himself or that flag he kept talking about people were waving. When you get that confused, it's time to get out of the front, my teacher said, when you don't know what you're talking about and go home and study your history lessons. Because that Glenn Beck boy he just makes things up.

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