Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Granny tells canvassers where to put their political stickers

They came by the house here in Cloutierville with those stickers again.  Lord a mercy, every two years I get a bunch.  But I told them where to put them this time.

One of them says, "Get rid of Obamacare."  Another says, "Our values are under attack."  Well, I told those boys just take them back those stickers and stick them somewhere else, because who knows what they mean these days.  Besides I got so many on my refrigerator, I can't remember sometimes  if I put cucumbers in there or my socks.

Elmer said from the back room to tell them to stick them where the sun doesn't shine, but I sure don't know where that is, but I figured those boys do so I told them them what Elmer said..  And one of them got really mad.

That sticker that says Obamacare.  What's that?  Probably to tell people Obama cares about them,  but I guess they need some reminding.

They keep talking about those values, but I don't know what they mean because folks are just getting confused.  The Good Book and my mama told me what they really were, and they said you just got to love.  But these guys got real angry when I just asked some questions, so I  guess they don't love me at all and probably don't love each other since they were yelling at each other when they ran down the road outta here.

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