Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say You're Sorry to Al

You feel bad?  You ought to.  Now go tell him.  Poor fellow.  Al Gore.  Losing his wife, didn't get the big job he won fair and square.  And then all those people making jokes about him.  You should apologize

Really I think everybody should.  And stop laughing.

It's so damn hot, you darn tootin' Al was right.

I was watching these two fellows on t.v. talking, and one of them said, "Well, you know there are different opinions about that."

They were quarreling over whether it is really getting hotter.  I said, "These young fellows think they have to fight about everything, even when it's as clear as day and hot as hell."

Myrtle told me in Tennessee she never saw so much water.

Even those commies we weren't supposed to like, and now we can, in Russia.  I've been feeling sorry for them.  It's even hot there.

I think it all adds up.  But people got to keep arguing, like they don't have anything to be nice about.

Smarty pants don't ever want to give up.  Some people just like being a bully.  Just wait if he gets around me.  I'll tell him a thing or two.

Poor Al.   He's probably been crying.   Now you call him, or I will, and tell him we're sorry.  Yes we are--well I am, and I sure think the rest of you just oughta think about that.

Because I think it's going to get hotter, and then what?  Poor granny just might keel over from it here in Cloutierville. .

Then what would happen to you when I'm not around to make sure you pay attention.

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