Thursday, August 19, 2010

Engineering corps: all that education and can't dig a ditch or build a backyard fence

Well, I'll be switched, has it been that long?  Five years since that big storm and that flood.  All that education and they can't even dig a ditch or build a backyard fence right.

Well, now what are they going to do if it rains, and these people don't have the ditch dug and the wall fixed?.  All it takes is a good shovel and a good pair of eyes, and I heard they got all the rest.  Why Elmer could show those boys how, and he only finished sixth grade.

They were supposed to make sure the wall around that town was good and tight and the ditch was there too.  They didn't get it right, and look what happened.  Now what's my New Orleans friends supposed to do?

Well my kids could build a fort in the backyard here in Cloutierville that would be better than these guys done.  I swear, you send some kids to school and what do they do?  They don't use their noggins, that's for sure.  Otherwise, the city wouldn't have flooded in the first place.

That wall had a bunch of holes.  Even I could figure that out.  So why did it take everyone else so long, even those high-falutin' folks with their fancy suits and all?

I'm worried about Myrtle in Tennessee.  When you have to keep the rain out and the rivers from coming over a wall, what's going to happen if those walls get bad again like they were this year where Myrtle lives.   Myrtle told me they had to go to sleep at the Y when their house got flooded.

I think everybody ought to pay attention to me about this and get on those fellows to do it right this time.

I'm just talking right now, but don't get me mad again or I'll take one of those boys to the woodshed.

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